49 concentric circles
in negative and positive,


Array of 24 rectangles
along a curve,
designed in Cad
and edited with
a vector graphics software,

Almost every day I design and publish geometric and rhythmic compositions under a public domain licence.  All the files are in a scalable vector format and available upon request.

A vector geometry is made of lines with both direction and magnitude.
It can be translated into an equation. I then define a number of parameters and dimensions to encode the geometry in a generative process. Everyone can obtain multiple instances changing some values from a mathematical archetype which I defined in the vector file. The uniqueness of these instances is due to a digital setup made by users. The commonality of the instances is due to the existence of a common origin. 
I then select, arrange and print some subjects to explore the limits of the technology in a physical environment.

Set of three silkscreens
on a Fedrigoni Arcodesign paper, 72x72 cm, in partnership with Giorgio Mastinu, Venice.
Printed by Stamperia d'Arte Berardinelli, Verona. Italy. 
Edition of 15. October 2017.

24 Cards 
Array of 24 frames
designed with a Cad
on a planar surface
and then rendered through
an isometric view,
August 2017.

Tiles Series
Series of compositions
on a grid layout.
The basic element
is made by a 45°
angle line.
May 2017.

Moiré Series
Series of compositions
generated with Processing
to obtain a moiré effect.
June 2017.

Generative Series
Series of organic and geometric structure generated with Processing.
June 2017.

Ivan is a visual and brand designer with more than 10 years of experience. Currently based in Verona, Italy. He has previously worked for non-profits, schools and startups. Selected by AIAP as one of the most promising 50 young Italian graphic designers in 2015. His work has been exhibited in London and Milan.

Vicolo Basso Acquar, 11
37135 — Verona