È un film fotovoltaico
la forma flessibile
che narra una finzione
Assalto al Metanodonte!
Volt combustibile. 
Nubeardente is a collection of artworks and booklets about technological innovations.
This is about a photovoltaic film.
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by Ivan Favalezza Some Rights Reserved,
Verona, 2022

L’agricoltura verticale,
nel fiorire, lascerà i campi ai parassiti che non vogliono più morire?

Vertical farming,while blooming, will it leave the field to parasites that don't want to die anymore?
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Wikipedia - Treccani
What you see is the first attempt to publish a collection of artworks about technological innovation. Because I'm not a science communicator, I tried to evoke rather than explain. So take these attempts as inspirations around our world and the beauty of it.

Ivan is a visual and brand designer with more than 10 years of experience. Currently based in Verona, Italy. He has previously worked for non-profits, schools and startups. Selected by AIAP as one of the most promising 50 young Italian graphic designers in 2015. His work has been exhibited in London and Milan.

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